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New Moon

Sex Therapy

What do we do in sex therapy?

We talk! Mostly about sex, but also about relationships, and anxiety, stress, depression, and communication. We talk about family, and where you learned about sex and what shaped your views about sex and your body. We talk about all the factors that led to you sitting in my therapy room so you can go out there and make sex better.

I work with individuals and people in relationship, who are experiencing issues in their sexual lives that are causing distress to themselves or their partners.  That could be desire discrepancy where one partner wants sex more often than the other, or there’s no sex at all.  Or it could be that a person is engaging in sexual behaviors or viewing sexual materials enough that it is causing them distress or problems in their relationships or work life. 

Infidelity, erectile dysfunction, problems with orgasm, lubrication, physical pain or discomfort all come into my therapy room. Then there is the less obvious issues of sexual boredom, lack of intimacy, fantasies that cause discomfort, and the big one: shame around sex, sexuality, and body image are all pieces of a sexual life that can cause things to go off the rails.   My work is with individuals, couples, and diverse relationship structures in all identities, sexualities, and expressions.   

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