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Image by Todd Quackenbush

Individual Therapy

Why do people go to therapy?

People go to therapy for a lot of reasons.  Very often we are living with anxiety, work stress, relationship stress, depression, or unresolved problems and traumas from our past.  Therapy is a way for people to understand why they feel the way they do. Therapy teaches us new coping strategies, different perspectives, and new ways of thinking about a problem so they can feel better. 

My goal is always to make a comfortable, relaxed space for people to talk.  I employ an eclectic approach to therapy, and enjoy the challenge of understanding each unique individual and the most effective ways of reaching them.  Because a lot of my practice involves thinking and behavioral patterns, there is often a good dose of cognitive behavioral therapy and attachment theory.  My hope is always that my client-centered approach and genuine regard for people is apparent when they come in to my office. 

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